Details on the show

COVER CHARGE WILL BE $5 - THAT'S RIGHT - FIVE MEASLY BUCKS!! You can get tickets at the door the night of the show, or, pre-show tickets are available.


Call Ricks American Cafe


You may need to leave a message but you will get a call back. You will need to give them credit card info. Tickets are $5. You will need to pick your tickets up before 10:00pm the night of the show. After that they will NOT be held for you any more. So, get there early. First band starts at 8:30!

There will be NO guest passes for this evening, all proceeds will be going to benefit the East Lansing Arts Festival - so please come out and support a great event.


8:30-9:10 - It's My Party
9:20-9:45 - The Wayouts
9:55-10:40 - Walnut Club
10:45-11:05 - Teddy Richards
11:15-12:00 - Breeze
12:00-Close - "All Star" Jam

It's My Party
Dave Hirsch - Drums
Dean Saigeon - Guitar
George Helmke - Bass
Kathy Broock - Vocals
Pat Nielsen - Keyboards

The Wayouts
Jim Diamond - Vocals, Guitar
Eric Makowski - Bass, Vocals
Steve Simonsen - Drums

Walnut Club
Patrick Filbin - Vocals
Steve Shoha - Guitar
Brian Burke - Bass
Joel Sanfield - Guitar
Greg Kepes - Drums

Teddy Richards
Big, Bad Ted - Vocals, Guitar

Scott Burrows - Trombone, Vocals
Alfredo Guadalupe Vasquez - Trumpet, Vocals
John Walsh - Guitar, Vocals
Kelly Kelp - Bass, Vocals
Mark Benson - Keyboards, Vocals
Paul Ojibway - Sax, Harp, Vocals
Scott Culling - Drums, Vocals

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Jam Session maybes: Doug Decker, Scott Helmke, Steve Angus, Scott Allman, Fred Drachus, members of bop (harvey): Randy Sly, Dan Methany.

Jim Risgin

There's always room for one more, but if you let us know you are coming, we can be sure to get you on stage for a tune or two.

All proceeds will be donated to The East Lansing Arts Fest .