The music world of E.Lansing in the 80's featured five establishments with live music 5-7 nights a week, as well as a number of smaller venues that had music on weekends, or for special events. There was room for everybody - from the amateur duo started in a dorm room - to the touring national act.

The range of music was extensive - from heavy metal hair bands at The Dollar, great regional alternative acts at Ricks, to small folk and jazz ensembles at Olde World. And some of the strangest music ever played was at Bunch's.

It was also a better city for a band to locate than we gave it credit for at the time. There were many cities within an hour's drive, making it possible to work full time as a musician. And - there was Lansing: The Green Door, Shannon's, and many other clubs also gave employment opportunities and playing experience.

And lest we forget MSU - with Showcase Jazz, Mariah Folk and Blues, Ebony Productions, and Pop Entertainment. These campus organizations brought live music to the campus, giving opportunities to see (as well as work) a great variety of shows - from the Violent Femmes to Chick Corea.

And a private residence deserves a special mention: Thee Alamo, home to five students (or ex-students), a bus named Further, a kitchen full of bumper stickers, and a basement with probably 100 concert posters and assorted artifacts, Hammond organs, guitar amps, drum rigs, recording equipment, and other ossorted madness. The stone construction meant that the basement was soundproof, perfect for recording and for after hours parties where musicians came after their gigs to play just a little more...