This section is going to grow quick - this is just a stub to get the party going.

Friends were everything. Buddies, girlfriends, boyfriends, co-workers, bar tenders, wait staff, doormen, and the audience (both on the dance floor and off). This group of people made the community complete.

We want to remember all our friends - register yourself, when you were there, what you did, and the bands you checked out:

CeCe (Calo) Smith - 1982-1987 - The mother of this whole project and head photographer- Checked out Freeway Frisbees, bop (Harvey), (need more CeCe)
Dave Veroff - 1980-1985 - Campus Corners - Checked out It's My Party, bop (Harvey), Ital, (need more Dave)
Rob Werner - 1979-1983 - Mariah Folk & Blues and honorary Alamo resident. I think I spent more time there than my own Albert Street house. Checked out ital, bop (Harvey), always wanted to see the Crucif**ks.