As the 1980's Burger King commercial says "After a late nite gig..."

The main thing I remember about E.Lansing besides music, was eating. Where you ate breakfast, where you ate lunch, where you ate dinner, and finally - where you ate after the gig. This was not just to get filled up - critical decisions were made. In fact, all rehearsals for the Freeway Frisbees were held at various lunch counters, and were more planning meetings than anything else

Here is a rundown of the places we ate at in the day:

The Pantree/Evergreen Grill - late night
Shaw's Triangle Truck Stop- breakfast
Don's Truck Stop - breakfast - 3 convenient locations
Bunch's - lunch
Sonny's Ribs - dinner before the gig - on S. side of Lansing, but they also ran the kitchen at Ricks for awhile.
Castellanos - lunch
Traveller's Club - lunch
El Azteco - any time you can

About 20 different Chinese Restaraunts - dinner