There was no shortage of bands in the 80's. It was right before Hip Hop took over, so bands were "fully stocked", with live drums, guitars, basses, keyboards, etc.

We are looking for East Lansing 80's bands, and the people who played in them. If you know of a band, or where to find the members, send an epost to:

George Helmke

Scott Culling

This is our list so far:

22 Cave Gods - Bobby Henline, Charlie Pallone, Drew Wood, Laurie Dowling
Alligator Shoes - Don Savoie, George Helmke, Scott Culling
Anybody's Guess - George Helmke, Jim Goatley, Pat Nielsen, Russ Olsen, Tony McMurtry
Blue Avenue Delegates (Lansing) - Doug Decker
Boogie Bob - Boogey Bob Baldori
Breeze -
Crucif**ks -
Current -
Dave Chown Trio - Dave Chown
Ded Engine -
Difference of Opinion - Fred Drachus
Doe Boys - Steve Sziliagi
Edward Bear -
Fender Clones - Fred Drachus
Flying Tigers - Craig Calvert, Jan James (Schultz), Scott Allman
Freeway Frisbees - Doug Decker, George Helmke, Mike Slivka, Scott Allman
Gary Amadon (played at Olde Worlde) -
Go Dog Go - Dave Hagerman
Ipso Facto - Randy Sly, Scott Banac, Steve Angus, Tom Powell
It's My Party - David Hirsch, Dean Saigeon, George Helmke, Kathy Broock, Mike Slivka, Pat Nielsen, Rick Ward, Sheri Luxom
Lady of the Lake - Pooh Stephensen, Wanda Degan
Landsharks - George Helmke, Tony McMurtry
Let's Talk About Girls - Barry Holdship, Dave Katz, Doug Decker, Jon Bolthouse, Steve Angus, Terry Farmer
Lüce Stagger - Craig Calvert, Jan James (Schultz)
Metric Pear - Clayton Krohn, Jim Umbarger
Nick Christmas and the Holidays -
Nobody's Mother -
Patty O'Furniture (Lansing) -
Patty Richards -
R.C. Finnegan - R.C. Finnegan
Steve Shoha Band - George Helmke, Scott Helmke, Steve Shoha
Steve Shoha's Jazz Band From Hell - Peter Dominquez, Steve Shoha
The Blanks - Bill Boyer, Woody (Bill Boyer's buddy)
The Wayouts -
Walnut Club - Patrick Filbin, Steve Shoha
bop (Harvey) - Dan Methany, Danny St. Echo, Joel Hamilton, Miles F. Davis, Paul Ojibway, Randy Sly, Scott Culling, Steve Shoha, Super E Eric Korte, Word E. Smith

"They showed up drunk, late, and with an attitude..."